Have total peace of mind with an Extended Warranty. We offer optional extended warranties on every system we sell.

Why should you purchase an extended warranty?

Manufacturer’s Limited Warranty

Most manufacturers have a limited warranty on parts. But parts are only part of a service call. Your manufacturer’s Limited Warranty does not cover transportation, related service labor, diagnosis calls, refrigerant and other related items.

Mechanical Components Fail

Many manufacturers invest millions of dollars in the testing of their equipment to minimize failures. However, any mechanical product is subject to failure.

Hedge Against Inflation

Some of today’s service calls can result in expensive repair bills. Each year, parts and labor costs continue to rise. Imagine what repair costs will be five or ten years from now. With an Optional Extended Warranty, you will know your cost for total comfort– up to ten years in advance.

Peace of Mind

When you purchase an Optional Extended Warranty, you won’t have to worry about failures. Unplanned repair bills will be a thing of the past. For the term of your agreement, the manufacturer will pay the bills.

Assurance of Commitment

When you purchase your Optional Extended Warranty, you are entering into an agreement with the manufacturer of your equipment. Your equipment can be serviced and repaired by any of the manufacturer’s servicing dealers.

When can you purchase an Optional Extended Warranty?

New Equipment

  • Option to purchase coverage in one (1), five (5), or ten (10) year increments to cover parts only, labor only, or parts and labor for the duration of the agreement.
  • Covers Residential and Light Commercial units.
  • Fully transferable to the new owner if property is sold.

Older Equipment

  • Applies only to equipment that has been installed less than (5) years.
  • Requires an approved dealer’s inspection prior to coverage.
  • Requires a 30-day waiting period before it becomes effective.
  • Option to purchase coverage for parts only, labor only, or parts and labor.
  • Can purchase coverage one (1) year at a time until the equipment is ten (10) years old
  • Can purchase five (5) or ten (10) year Optional Extended Warranty Agreements. These agreements would start at the end of the 30-day waiting period and would expire five (5) or ten (10) years after the install date.

What is covered?

As a rule of thumb, any failure of an internal component on a covered piece of equipment is covered, unless it fails due to neglect, failure of the Equipment Owner to perform preventative maintenance, or an act of God.

For the above reason, Benjamin Brothers strongly recommends all customers enroll in our Complete Comfort Preventative Maintenance Plan.