One of the best and things about owning your own home is the feeling of comfort you get when you walk through the door. This could overtake you for any number of reasons: maybe your home is newer and you still can’t believe that it’s yours. Perhaps you just got a new couch, dining room table or have recently painted. Maybe that meal that you left on low in the crockpot is almost finished and the smell of your homemade meal is wafting through your home. Finally, it’s also incredibly likely that the warm fuzzies you get when you walk into your home are the result of your home’s temperature.

On a cold, blistery night, it’s so endearing to walk into a warm, toasty house. Equally as important is the relief you feel when you cross the threshold of a nicely cooled home on a hot, summer day. Any of us who have lived in places with extreme temperatures can appreciate a heating and air conditioning system that functions the way that it’s supposed to. The temperature of our homes is usually one of those things that we don’t notice until it’s not quite right. When your home feels comfortable and it’s maintaining that perfect seventy-two degrees, all’s right with the world.

But what about when you home isn’t maintaining that temperature? When it’s either way too hot or way too chili and you’re frustrated and uncomfortable. Well, this is usually a great time to call your HVAC professional and have them take a look at your heating and air conditioning situation. But what are some of the most common issues with HVAC units? In this two-part blog, we’re going to discuss some of the biggest reasons our HVAC’s may not be quite up to scratch.

Broken Thermostat

Often, what we believe to be issues with our furnace or air conditioning system may indeed be as simple as a broken thermostat. With the many different types of digital thermostats available today, it’s actually fairly common to misunderstand how your digital thermostat is supposed to operate. It’s also common to underestimate how your thermostat; especially if it’s less than 5 years old. Many new thermostats are able to be programmed in a way that saves you dollars on your power bills. So next time you think that your HVAC may be broken, consider calling your local HVAC professionals to see if a service call is necessary. Who knows, your problem might be localized to the thermostat.

Dirty Air Filter

When the air filter in your HVAC unit is full and needing to be changed, this can actually cause a myriad of other problems, not only with your heating and cooling but also with your health and air quality. When the filter in your furnace or HVAC unit is full, that dust will accumulate in your unit and eventually make its way into your home. This will significantly affect the air quality in your house and it could cause health problems or exasperate existing issues like asthma or emphysema.

Additionally, this thick coating of dust and grime in your unit will eventually start to affect the way that your unit functions. The air flow will be restricted and you will start to encounter unwanted changes in your home’s temperature. If you are experiencing problems with airflow or poor air quality in your home, give your HVAC service guys a call. They will be able to give you specific advice on what might be the issue with your unit.

Lack of Maintenance

Often, the problems we’re experiencing in our units are due to the lack of regular maintenance. Did you know that it’s recommended that you get your HVAC unit inspected once per year? This is because there could be significant issues or potential issues that need to be taken care of before they get escalate, or worse, ruin your HVAC. Your service professional will be able to come by and give you a status of how your unit is doing. If all is fine, you can sleep easier at night, but if there’s a problem, you’ll at least be able to get it taken care of before it worsens. If your HVAC unit has gone over a year without an inspection, it’s definitely time to make that call!

Maintaining your HVAC unit and furnace are some of the most vital parts of home ownership. Afterall, you have a lot invested in your home and you want it to function the way that it’s supposed to. If you’re noticing unwanted changes in temperature or poor air quality, don’t wait. Give your HVAC service pros a call so that you don’t have to run the risk of having more serious and costly issues. Make sure you tune in next time for the second part of this blog series and if you’re needing a great HVAC professional in Pasco County, give the experts at Benjamin Brothers a call. We’d love to give you a free estimate!