Whether you had a house built from the ground up, you’re buying a new build, or you’re purchasing a home that’s been lived in previously, getting into a new home is an incredibly exciting life event. Just take the time to let that sink in; all of your hard work and research is finally paying off and you can relax and put your feet up.

Now that you’ve acquired your new Pasco County dwelling, it’s time to get all of the regular maintenance scheduled for your major appliances. When you get into a new home, it’s important to make sure that you have a good read on the age and condition of your home’s major appliances and systems. For instance, your sellers might have installed a new roof, but the HVAC unit or furnace might need some repairs in the coming months. HVAC problems can be somewhat normal in a home that you’ve recently bought, but even in a new home, you might find that you need to seek out your HVAC professional.

After purchasing, certain homeowners have found that certain systems, like the HVAC system, weren’t installed correctly. But how can you know if your HVAC installation wasn’t everything that it should have been? Well, first of all, if your HVAC was installed poorly, you’re probably going to notice that airflow isn’t what it should be. However, the issue of poor installation can be tough for you to diagnose on your own because if you’ve never had good air flow in your home, you really have nothing with which to compare your current state of poor airflow. If you think that your home’s HVAC system might have been installed poorly, or if you’ve never had your HVAC inspected, contact Benjamin Brothers to schedule a service call. Continue reading below to learn some of the signs that might indicate that your HVAC system wasn’t installed the way that it should have been.

Unsupported Flex Duct

When air flows well through a straight duct, all’s right with the world, but if you have a duct that is sagging or drooping because it’s not properly supported, this could cause you some frustration. A good duct system should be supported every four feet to ensure great airflow. However, if the flex duct sags, this will cause a disruption or decrease in airflow. If you notice a sagging flex duct in your home, contact your Pasco County HVAC repair professional.


Uninsulated Supply Lines

Anytime there is a gap or space between two pieces insulation, there could be trouble with the temperature of the air you’re feeling coming out of your vents. Every inch of your duct should be insulated to ensure that your cool air stays cool as it travels. If you believe this might be the case, contact Benjamin Brothers to come take a look.

Pieces of Duct Not Connected Well

When a cooling system is installed, it’s normal for pieces of flex duct to be connected together at a joint. However, if these two pieces are not mechanically fastened together, they will most likely come apart and when that happens, you’ll definitely notice a change in your air flow. If you suspect this might be to blame, contact us for HVAC service today!

A Gap in Ducts

When there is a gap or opening in any of your ducts, not only does your cold air escape, but your system tends to suck up all of the hot air from your attic, giving you less than desirable air quality and temperature. Additionally, in poor installations, homeowners have noticed shotty patching and tape work in an effort to fix the air leak, but if you’re still not satisfied with the air that’s coming out of your vents, it might be time to call an actual HVAC professional.

Not all HVAC service companies are created equal. We wish that this weren’t the case, but the truth is that we’re used to having to clean up construction team’s and other HVAC companies’ messes. We understand that it can be especially frustrating when you are experiencing airflow issues with your new home. But we’re here to help!

Contact Benjamin Brother today! We specialize in residential and commercial HVAC service and repairs. You can trust that our team of professionals will be able to diagnose the problem and work with you to resolve the problem. Contact us for a free quote!