1. The Importance Of HVAC Maintenance Pt. 2

    Help Your HVAC Help You   Hello there, and welcome back to the Benjamin Brothers blog! In today’s post, we are going to continue where we left off last time and list out a few more reasons that taking the time to have your home’s HVAC system maintained on a regular basis is, overall, better for you, your home, and your system. If you haven’t read our previous post, we suggest you do so …Read More

  2. The Importance Of HVAC Maintenance

    Keep Your HVAC Happy and Healthy   As far as expensive appliances in the home go, HVAC systems are up there in cost. These systems are responsible for making sure that your home is kept at a comfortable temperature, no matter the outside temperature, and, in many cases, people would not be able to live in the area that they do if not for the efforts put forth by their HVAC system. While this …Read More

  3. When Should You Service Your HVAC?

    You know that there are small maintenance things that need to be done all around your home. For example, you get your oil changed in your car, you check the smoke detectors, etc. However, we often neglect the things that are running smoothly, because, well, “if ain’t broke, don’t fix it.” However, when it comes to your HVAC, it’s much more important than you would expect to get it checke…Read More

  4. Does HVAC Vent Placement Matter?

    When it comes to understanding why your home is ice cold in some areas and boiling hot in others, it can be easy to say that your air conditioning unit is just faulty. However, this might not be the case! Your ducting and duct placement determines just how successful your HVAC will be at heating and cooling your Pasco County home. Today, we are going to cover why good duct placement is crucial to …Read More

  5. How Does a Bad Capacitor Affect Your AC?

    Most of the repairs needed in air conditioning units have to do with the electrical systems. In fact, this makes up about 85 percent of repair needs! This is because there are so many small components, circuits, and connections that need to be perfectly in place for your air conditioner to work properly. Even the smallest issue can cause your air conditioner to work less effectively, or worse, to …Read More

  6. Top Reasons Your AC Keeps Tripping the Circuit Breaker

    Once you’ve located the source of what has been tripping your breaker—your air conditioner—you might be wondering why that is. The great news is, we have the answers! Read on to learn more, and contact Benjamin Brothers today for your air conditioning repair and replacement services. Air conditioning units tend to trip the breaker because it is using more amps than the breaker can provide wi…Read More

  7. Understanding Air Conditioner Sizing

    You probably don’t need us to tell you that air conditioning units come in a variety of sizes. After all, it takes a lot more energy to cool down a shopping center than it does to cool a two bedroom house. So when it comes to selecting your air conditioning unit, what size do you need? How can you tell which unit will cool down your space efficiently without demanding too much energy? The answer…Read More

  8. Got HVAC Questions?

    When it comes to your HVAC system, you might have quite a few questions. You know that this system is in charge of heating and cooling your home, but what about the other things you need to know to keep this machine running smoothly? Our professionals at Benjamin Brothers are here to answer those questions for you. Read on to learn more. What is HVAC? HVAC stands for heating, ventilation, and air …Read More