Isn’t it amazing how much we take air conditioning for granted until it actually goes out? If you’re like us and you live anywhere near the greater Tampa area, you probably know all too well how brutal the hot air of Florida is, and life quickly becomes a lot more unpleasant when you have no way to cool it down. If you’re like many of our other readers, seeking AC repair may be the very reason why you’re on our blog and website in the first place.

Benjamin Brothers is happy to help with AC repair in Pasco County, Tampa, Hillsborough County, and other surrounding regions. So if you’re sweating in the oppressive heat of your home, don’t waste any time and contact us today! In the meantime, let’s take a moment to appreciate how air conditioning has changed our world. By recognizing what a huge impact it has, it can help homeowners to be more vigilant in maintaining their HVAC system. Here are some ways that air conditioning has been a game-changer to humankind as a whole:

Air Conditioning Gave Us Summer Blockbuster Movies

Anyone who’s anyone knows that summertime has always been the prime window for the year’s biggest and most explosive movies, rivaled only by the holiday season. It’s been this way for several decades — but did you know that summer was once seen as a death sentence for new releases?

Let’s go back waaay back to the early 1900s. Back then, Hollywood was a fledgling industry, but people still enjoyed their motion pictures. However, summertime was a terrible window for release, and the reasons why are pretty self-explanatory. Imagine cramming into a crowded theater, and sitting sedentary in a hot muggy room for two hours. Yuck! Summer took its toll on movie theaters until air conditioning came along.

In 1925, the Rivoli Theater in New York had the bright idea to implement this new technology into their building, and everything changed. Suddenly, movies were an opportunity to escape the heat, and since AC hadn’t yet become common in people’s homes, it was a novel way to enjoy a nice cool space while enjoying an entertaining flick at the same time. Well, other theaters caught on, and eventually, all the best movies were coming out during the summer. This is a practice that continues today!

Air Conditioning Revolutionized Science and Medical Advancement

When most people think of air conditioning, the first thing that comes to mind is usually the HVAC systems that cool the rooms in their home. However, the tech can be used for a variety of different purposes, and refrigeration is one of them. Can you imagine a world without fridges and freezers? A whole lot of things would change, and while food is the most obvious answer, there would be a much more significant casualty — science and medicine.

Cooling tech is a major boon for the science and medical facility. Countless compounds need to be in a cooled environment to maintain their viability, especially when it comes to organics. Game-changing surgeries were made possible from AC because vital organs could be maintained in chilled containers and even transported over long distances. Before air conditioning, certain research was only possible in specialized buildings, but eventually, it became possible anywhere and everywhere.

Air Conditioning Changed the Food Industry and the Way We Eat

If we’re talking about refrigeration tech, the food and restaurant industry is a no-brainer. Just think about how much you depend on your fridge and freezer — and then extend that to restaurants and grocery stores. Air conditioning technology completely changed the food industry in every way. It changed the way we eat, it changed the way restaurants operated, it gave far more power to grocery stores, and it made any type of food accessible to anyone, regardless of location.

Take milk, for example. “Aged like milk” is a common expression because milk is known to spoil extremely quickly. However, when kept in a nice little refrigerator, it can be viable for weeks. Now, think of how many recipes milk is used in. Consider how much cereal you’ve eaten in your life. Imagine what it would be like to not know the singular joy of cookies and milk. All these things are possible because of our ability to keep it cool.

This, of course, extends to a million and one other foods. Meats of all shapes and sizes can be stored for weeks or months, and can be transported anywhere within the country. Delicious seafood can be enjoyed thousands of miles from the coast! These things would be unimaginable to people in a pre-AC society.

Air Conditioning Pushed the Boundaries of Architecture

When you look at city skylines, commercial districts, and residential areas in 2019, you’ll see a massive variety of unique shapes and designs. While this is possible now, architecture was much more limited about a century ago or so when the climate was a constant consideration in how a building should be designed.

Heat is oppressive, and it was always a leading factor for architects. In hot regions, you would find buildings designed specifically with airflow in mind. High ceilings, spacious rooms, plenty of windows, and spacious porches were all hallmarks of older buildings because these things helped to mitigate hot air. One famous style of home was the dogtrot house, which was essentially two rooms connected by an empty corridor in the middle, open to the elements. In the event of a breeze, this would improve cool airflow in both rooms.

Nowadays, it’s no longer necessary to ensure that every single building is optimized for hot temperatures, so there’s a lot more creative freedom. As long as the structure has a reliable and functional HVAC unit, anything is possible!

Air Conditioning Allows Us to Thrive in Hot Regions

While humans have been settling in blazing hot regions for years, air conditioning made this possible and practical on a much larger scale. In previous eras of human history, one’s entire lifestyle was based on the climate. People had to dress to protect themselves against the environment, make difficult water choices, and much more.

But now, living in a hot region isn’t terribly different than living somewhere cool. Since we spend a lot of time indoors, the differences can only be felt when we’re engaging in outdoor activities, and even if the weather is punishingly hot, it affects people much more drastically when they have a cool shelter to retreat into. It’s that day-after-day, constant brutal heat that really takes a toll on us.

AC Repair Services in Pasco County

Now that you have an appreciation for how much air conditioning has done for us, don’t sit around for a moment longer with a broken AC unit! It truly is an incredible gift, and we want everyone in Florida to enjoy its benefits. We provide quality AC repair and replacement services, and we’re one phone call away from fixing your problem. Contact Benjamin Brothers today to get started!