Summer has officially arrived, and if you’re in Pasco County, Tampa, or any of the other surrounding areas, you know what that means — it’s going to be hot! Florida summers are brutal, which is why you no doubt want your air conditioner to be in tip-top shape. If you’re in need of air conditioner repair, replacement, or installation for your Florida home, it’s possible you found our blog looking for answers.

Well, why you’re here, why not take a moment to learn some fun facts about HVAC systems? While this doesn’t sound like an overly exciting topic, there are always fun things to learn about every single subject, no matter how mundane. If you want a deeper appreciation for the systems that keep your home nice and cool, keep reading to learn some cool little tidbits about air conditioning systems.

The First Air Conditioner Wasn’t For Homes or Buildings

You might be surprised to find that the first air conditioner wasn’t actually designed for human comfort. But, nonetheless, there was eventually a point where someone took note of how hot the air was, and they finally said, “I’m sick of this — surely there must be something we can do!”

That person was Willis Carrier, who invented the first rudimentary air conditioner for a publishing company in 1902. At the time, they constantly had to deal with varying levels of humidity in the air, which affected the printing quality of the ink, and it also made the paper contract or expand in undesirable ways. The invention of his air cooler prevented these problems from happening — but, of course, it wasn’t long before people realized there were more ambitious ways to use this technology.

Air Conditioning Is Why Your Favorite Movies Come Out In the Summer

Whether or not you’re a fan of movies, you’ve definitely heard the term “summer blockbuster” in your life. It’s a term we’ve known and used for so long that most people probably haven’t put much thought into it — but did you know that summer blockbusters may have never become a thing if it wasn’t for air conditioning?

Back in the 1930s, air conditioning was starting to take off across the country, but it was still absent in most average everyday homes. Movie theaters, however, were quick to implement the technology. Quite cleverly, they used air conditioning as a major selling point for summer movies. People loved heading to their local theater to get a break from the heat.

Of course, Hollywood took note of this, and eventually, major film publishers started angling their biggest hits for summer releases, knowing the volume was higher during those two months. Nowadays, summer blockbusters are a staple of the movie industry, competing only with the holiday months for the best time to see new films. In 2019, Avengers: Endgame was the big release. If it weren’t for HVAC technology, you may have had to wait until Christmas to see it!

The Idea of Air Conditioning Is 500 Years Old… At Least

While Willis Carrier was the first person to conceptualize the modern air conditioner as we know it, the idea of cooling warm air isn’t anything new. In fact, people were trying it as far back as 500 years ago!

If you want to take a moment to be grateful for modern technology, consider the windcatcher. This was an architectural element to Persian buildings which was designed to “catch” the wind, thus cooling the area below. Windcatchers are basically towers with openings at the top, which would funnel wind in a pipe-like fashion to whatever space they are meant to cool. While they didn’t directly cool the air, they did create a system of air circulation which helped to move hot air out and create a cooling sensation.

Windcatchers are most prominent in Persian architecture during the dates mentioned above, but they’re by no means a new concept — ancient windcatchers have been found in Egyptian ruins dating all the way back to 1300 BC. They’d sure to be proud of the air conditioning systems we have now.

Air Conditioning Has Saved Millions of Lives

You’ve probably never really thought of this before, but in reality, air conditioning is one of mankind’s greatest achievements. For thousands of years, we had no way of regulating the temperature, and we were thus slaves to our climate. Once we were finally able to overcome this hurdle, countless possibilities for human progression opened up which weren’t there before.

One of the biggest beneficiaries of air conditioning was the pharmaceutical and medical industry. Some of the most commonplace and effective drugs were created in temperature-controlled environments, and there is much research which requires cold, refrigerated air to carry out. It is because of air conditioning and temperature control that many scientific breakthroughs have occurred.

Aside from that, HVAC saves lives in another way — by keeping things cool! This may seem obvious, but it’s easy to forget how devastatingly hot the sun can be on its own — before we had reliable air cooling technology, it wasn’t uncommon for the sick and weak to succumb to heat exhaustion in high-temperature areas.

Air Conditioning Has Made Wimps Out Of Us

There’s no denying how amazing air conditioning is, and if you’re one of our many Florida clients, you have front-row tickets to the blistering heat of the sun when you’re not in an AC-powered building. But there’s one side effect of air conditioning — spend too much time in it, and it becomes harder to endure the sun.

While the human body has never been equipped to handle the rays from our parent star in huge doses, we do feel comparatively worse in the sun if we’re accustomed to cooled areas. In spending a lot of time in the heat, we build up somewhat of a tolerance. So if you feel like summer days are extremely, unreasonably brutal, well, you’re halfway to blame for spending all your time in air-conditioned areas. Ultimately, though, if being a wimp is the price of staying cool, we’ll take it.

Air Conditioning Changed Architecture In a Big Way

Ever wonder why most homes and buildings in the last several centuries all looked pretty similar, only becoming radically different in modern days? Well, before air conditioning existed, the local climate was an architectural consideration that couldn’t be ignored. Buildings had to be designed to deal with intense heat (or the lack thereof) and that means certain staples of building design were pretty common.

High ceilings, brick walls, sleeping porches, and more were all home features that existed to keep the building cooler. Once HVAC became a regular part of building design, it opened up a million new possibilities. Now that building design no longer has to bend to the climate’s will, we’re seeing all kinds of unique and innovative designs.

Air Conditioning Repair and Replacement in Pasco County

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