In our modern world, there are many ways where we can control appliances and such in our house straight from our phones. One of those ways that we can do so is by controlling our heat and AC straight from a singular app on our phone. We live in a time that Sci-Fi from the ’50s could have only dreamed of. You have probably heard a lot of people saying that these smart thermostats actually save you more money than others, and they are right.

Energy Saving At Its Finest

Do you remember being young and your parents would tell you that you couldn’t move the thermostat at all? You would inevitably turn it up while they were gone and then as soon as you heard them coming home you would rush to turn it off before they got through the door. With smart thermostats, kids can no longer do that because it can all be controlled through your phone. You can program the thermostat to come on at certain moments throughout the day or turn off at others. It also has the ability to learn your habits so eventually, you don’t even have to open your phone to turn it up. 

Does it actually save money though? Yes, and quite a bit actually. In two separate studies conducted in Indiana and Oregon, it showed a 13%-16% savings on cooling throughout the month that it was conducted, which for Florida summers can really add up. One thing to keep in mind is that once it is programmed to know your habits, altering it might put a small dent in those potential savings. 

Knowing Your Habits

When people buy programmable thermostats they usually don’t program it correctly in order to attempt to manually adjust the thermostat to save themselves money. They often become too lazy to constantly change settings, or simply don’t know how to work it. With smart thermostats like Nest, this becomes a thing of the past. It knows your habits right down to when you leave and come home from work and will adjust accordingly. While it may initially throw some off, for others it is brilliant because the savings that it allows to make it a great idea to have in the home. 

Remember the study linked to above? Well, it came up with some other interesting statistics that many people probably wouldn’t consider. 60% of users reported that they felt more comfortable with the temperatures in their household. This is due to the thermostat being able to get the house to the exact temperature and leaving it there. It doesn’t sway 2 or 3 degrees to either side of the temperature that you set. This means that the temperature that you want is the temperature you get.

Air Conditioning Repair in Hillsborough County 

While your new thermostat may help you with the temperature in your home, it can’t help you if your AC unit breaks down. That’s what we are here for. If you have questions about the installation of your new smart thermostat or you need AC repair in Pasco County, contact us today!