Guess what? Florida is hot. Like, really hot. Like, really, absurdly, ridiculously hot. Whether you’ve lived in Florida for a lifetime or for two weeks, you know this. We don’t need to tell you. So, you probably also know how unpleasant it is when your air conditioning breaks down. The sun penetrates your home with its deathly rays. The humidity swells and you feel like you’re swimming through air. Having a broken air conditioner in the middle of Florida is just not fun for so many reasons.

And yet, many people delay repairs. On paper, it’s easy to see why. HVAC units don’t just fix themselves, and most people lack the DIY wherewithal to do the job on their own. Many folks are intimidated by the prices of professional services, and so instead of feeling the miraculous gift of cooled air, they endure that miserable, miserable heat.

Well, even for the thriftiest of people, you eventually have to draw a line. Here are some tell-tale signs that it’s time to repair your air conditioning.

If You Haven’t Slept In a Week

As it turns out, it’s hard to sleep when you’re melting from a heatwave. Cold rooms are usually easier to sleep in, because it’s easier to get warmth out of your clothes and covers. You can always add more layers. Whereas in heat, you can only strip down so far, and if that’s not enough, well, good luck. You can open the windows, turn on fans, and do what you can, but overall, no one wants to sleep in the heat.

There are, of course, a multitude of nasty side effects that result from sleep deprivation. Has your mental performance been lackluster as of late? Do you feel like an empty husk when you go to work? Are you hallucinating during your daily commute? Get more sleep! But first, start with that air conditioning unit. Capeesh?

If You Literally Can’t Stop Sweating

Have you ever sweated during a shower? Like, during a cold shower? It sucks. And it can happen. We confess that extreme sweating is usually caused by intense physical activity, but it’s also a mechanism of the human body to hydrate itself. When you’re excessively hot, you’re going to sweat more.

And, is there anyone who actually likes sweating? Probably not. It’s gross. It’s salty. It forms unsightly spots on your clothes. It makes you smell. A little bit here and there? Sure, fine. All day, every day? Yeah, nope, might as well go to the arctic and live in an igloo instead.

If You Have Successfully Cooked Eggs Without Turning On Your Stove

Did you know that sometimes it can get so stupidly hot that eggs can literally cook themselves? I mean, it may not be as good as the traditional stovetop method, but at least you get to save on gas, right? It’s highly unlikely that any of our readers have actually tried this recently, but, you know, food for thought. Once the air is capable of cooking your meals for you, it’s probably time to reassess your air conditioning situation.

If You Have Recently Inherited a Ludicrous Sum of Money

One of the biggest barriers to calling on professional AC repair services is the cost of hiring a professional. While we can assure you that Benjamin Brothers offers customer-friendly, competitive prices, there are people who convince themselves that it’s too expensive before they even make any calls. We promise you that we do everything we can to accommodate people of all wealth levels, so even if you’re nervous about cost, give us a call!

But if you’ve recently and unexpectedly inherited a fortune of 30 million dollars from your aunt’s cousin’s father thrice removed, you really have no excuse. Also, we’re looking at you, lottery winners. Were you the lucky person to claim the 200+ million dollar Powerball jackpot? Then, dude, fix your air conditioning. We know that unexpected distant family inheritances and jackpot mega millions happen all the time, so if you’re one of those lucky recipients, it’s time to call your local AC repair team.

If You Have Literally Anyone Else Living With You

To get serious for a moment, there are actual, legitimate dangers of living in a hot home. Heat really takes its toll on the human body, especially in the peak of summer in Florida climate, where many air conditioner-less homes effectively turn into hot boxes. Even if you’re the at the peak of human fitness, you should be aware of other people living in your home.

Children, elderly folks, and sick people are particularly vulnerable to the destructive effects of heat. Heatstroke and exhaustion can occur when you go too long without relief, and these can bring nasty effects. Headaches, fevers, confusion, cramps, and nausea are all symptoms of heat exhaustion, and if nothing is done about it, it can be life-threatening.

Also, consider the state of your poor pets. While reptiles are pretty content to just be roasted, it’s another thing entirely for cats and dogs. Imagine for a second being as hot as you already are every single day — and then adding a fur coat on top of it. Yikes. Even if you feel like you can personally handle the oppression of the summer heat, other people (or pets) might be more vulnerable.

AC Repair Near Pasco and Hillsborough County

There are plenty of reasons to fix your air conditioner, and with Benjamin Brothers nearby, there’s no better team that can stop by and have your problems fixed in a timely and effective manner. We have been servicing people in the greater Tampa area for years, also serving Pasco and Hillsborough Counties. We are highly experienced in all types of HVAC work, and quite often, the problem is simpler and cheaper to fix than you may have thought.

Is your air conditioning giving you trouble? Instead of pulling out your phone, typing “AC repair near me” and just choosing the first result, we encourage you to call Benjamin Brothers. Our residential and commercial HVAC services are the best of the best — and don’t take our word for it. Read our client testimonials to see how countless people in the area have been satisfied with our service. Getting a free estimate is easy; all you have to do is contact us today!